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Children are a most precious gift from God-both for their parents and for the entire faith community who welcome them with open arms. Because the Catholic Church firmly believes and teaches that parents are the primary educators of faith for their children, parents have a moral obligation to become informed of the responsibilities they will be assuming upon the baptism of their infant son or daughter. This preparation includes 3 hours of instruction before the date of baptism. Expectant parents are encouraged to contact the parish for more information before their daughter or son is born or immediately afterwards. All baptisms are celebrated in the Parish Church, usually at a Sunday Mass. Further policy details are available upon request.

To access our Baptism Registration Form and Godparent Covenants click on the link below. Print and complete the registration form, have the godparents complete their respective covenant and obtain your child's birth certificate (the hospital certificate is fine).  When you have acquired all the necessary documents, call the parish office to make an appointment with Father Leo.  No appointment will be made without the required information.  The fee listed on the registration form should be paid in cash at the appointment with the pastor. 


Baptism Registration Form (pdf)

Formulario de Registro de Bautismo (pdf)





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