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Catholics from Mexico and surrounding Latin countries have adapted an ancient ritual celebrated for young women on their fifteenth birthday. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops published a beautiful version of the prayers for this occasion in September 2008. It may be celebrated within a Mass or within a Prayer Service. If possible, quinceañera celebrations are done in groups. If only one girl chooses a particular Saturday, then the ceremony will be done just for her. These ceremonies are done at 11:30 AM on Saturdays. Because of the many other duties in the parish, the time cannot be changed.

As celebrated today, the quinceañera ceremony is an opportunity for the young woman to express her faith in Christ and his Church and to pray for the grace to become a good Catholic woman. In the spirit of Christian simplicity, opulence and extravagance should be avoided. The spiritual reality of this self-presentation to the Lord should rise above the more mundane concerns of clothing, limousines and lavish banquets.

If interested in celebrating the quinceañera for your daughter, please call Fr. Sylvan, our coordinator for quinceañeras, at 661-943-9314. Flyers containing the Parish policies and the fees for this ceremony are available in the church vestibule and at the Main Office.



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